An analysis of the complete CEF roadmap resulted in a set of Top Five Recommendations. We believe that active engagement in these five areas identified in the roadmap will yield impactful, transformational results; it will form the needed basis for further research, development and integration of the remaining roadmap areas and new emerging topics not yet captured. It is important to note that while the top five are most deserving of immediate attention, all of the roadmap areas are vitally important to achieving the roadmap findings.


Our top 5 recommendations are:


Recommendation 1: Multidisciplinary experimentation


Recommendation 2: Inclusion of human activity for real world,  scientifically sound experiments


Recommendation 3: Framework and building block open interfaces to support extensibility


Recommendation 4: Reusable experiment designs for science-based hypothesis testing


Recommendation 5: Infrastructure usability and research community cultural changes


The full text of the top 5 recommendations may be found in section 1.2. Read the full report.

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